Whatever the industry, every company wants bigger margins, greater employee retention and more customer loyalty. We help each of our clients achieve those goals by transforming their call centre. In brief:

    1. We analyse where they stand today
    2. We help them turn aspirations into quantifiable targets
    3. We define the practical steps they can take to achieve those targets. 

And we provide whatever hands-on coaching they require along the way.

Work with us and we won’t just show you how to improve. We’ll help you make continuous improvement an integral part of your culture.

Face your customers with confidence


Each customer contact is an opportunity to cement your relationship with them. But if that touchpoint becomes a pain point, you’re at risk of losing not just them, but everyone who talks to them, reads their reviews, or interacts with them on social media. 

So your call centre staff are more vital than ever. In a world that’s more remote every year, your call centre is the human side of your organisation, where your customers come into contact with real, live people. We can help you deliver a first-rate customer experience every time: on the phone, email, live chat, or social media. 

Drawing on our deep real-world expertise, we’ll show you how to identify and develop each individual’s talents and strengths. How to create and nurture teams that combine strategic thinkers, relationship builders, influencers and executors to the best possible effect, based on the proven efficacy of CliftonStrengths assessments.

Grow your future 


Every company’s journey is different – but behind the differences, certain fundamentals are key to growth in any industry. Those fundamentals can be taught and learned, which is why we specialise in developing leadership teams as well as customer-facing employees.

What makes us special is that we’ve ‘been there, done that’. Our first-hand experience has taught us how to:

  • restructure ops departments, getting the right people in the right jobs
  • deep-dive into compensation plans to incentivise behaviours that lead to growth
  • benchmark Key Performance Indicators and minimum standards
  • unite short- and long-term planning, bridging the gap between ‘where we’re heading’ and ‘how we’ll get there’.

There’s so much more. But in short, we know how to go from small business to big business without losing the personal touch that makes a company unique, so you can hold on to your best and brightest as you grow.



Maximise your revenue and minimise your costs through better technology, employee performance and product positioning. 


We’ll help you develop your:


Lowering CPA 

  • Driving traffic to your site (PPC, keyword optimisation, bidding strategies, etc.)
  • Increasing conversion (CTR analysis, Google Analytics, AB testing, etc.)

Employee Performance 

Improving productivity

  • Analysing performance; developing incentive schemes; setting goals; developing call guides.
  • Creating high-performing teams; reducing gap between top and bottom performers; developing and implementing productivity / performance tool(s); forecasting, planning and scheduling.

Product Positioning

Maximising your margins with ancillary sales

  • Upselling/Top-Down Selling
  • Cross-selling
  • Alternative Offerings

Create high-performing teams by improving each employee’s engagement and contribution.


We’ll help you develop your:


Getting the right person for the job

  • Job profiles
  • Skills-based gap analyses
  • Recruitment materials and methods


Unleashing each individual’s potential 

  • Induction and onboarding 
  • Career path development 
  • CliftonStrengths (access to E2Grow software, individual leadership coaching, interactive seminars, etc.)

Create loyal customers with enhanced experiences, multi-channel functionality and transparent communications.


We’ll help you develop your:

Personal interactions

  • Customer experience workshops
  • Guidance on closing the online/offline gap
  • Feedback and metrics: Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Technology interactions

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) review and development
  • Onboarding of new technology, including requirement gathering, change management & adoption
  • Phone, email, live chat & social media