Marelo Effect Profile

Mary Jane Wells (MJ)

Founder, Managing Director

Work hard. Learn fast. Have fun.


Nothing makes me happier than immersing myself in a company. Absorbing the practicalities, the culture and the vision. Helping them set higher and higher targets – and then exceed them.

It’s something I’ve done multiple times in the organisations I’ve owned and/or led, and now I’m living my dream job: doing it again and again with the outstanding companies I’m privileged to call clients.

More than anything, my experience has made it crystal clear that call centres are the lifeblood of any business. As the world becomes more and more ‘remote’, call centre staff are a company’s human side – the real, live people who customers talk to when they’re buying something, asking for help or making a complaint. 

There’s virtually no limit to what those staff can achieve when they’re truly engaged (when they see the company’s success and their own success as the same thing). When they’re happy and appreciated, they’ll be more likely to stay with you, and eager to develop their skills at the same time as driving each other to do better. It’s a virtuous circle of continuous improvement – and it all adds up to happy, loyal customers, which leads inevitably to better margins.

At*, where I was responsible for the staffing and operations of over 1,000 employees, our positive culture played a massive role in the phenomenal growth that took place between 2009 and 2016.

I’ve got a lot to share. Together with my team, I can help your organisation thrive, overcome today’s challenges – and set your sights on a bigger, brighter future.

* A trading name of Transport Limited, part of Booking Holdings Inc. (the world’s leading provider of online travel and related services).

My journey as a leader

Owner, Vice President → Vice President → Executive Vice President → Operations and Customer Service Director → Founder, Managing Director


My top 5 Strengths 

  • Achiever 
    • Ability to clarify targets and measures of success; goal-driven focus on completion.


  • Individualization 
    • Ability to find ways for different people to work together productively; perception of each individual’s talents.


  • Includer 
    • Awareness of who’s required in each decision or project; a conviction that everyone is equally important, in different ways.


  • Arranger 
    • Flexibility, interactivity and resourcefulness; calmness when under pressure / dealing with complexity.
  • Positivity
    • Contagious energy, enthusiasm and ability to find the bright side in any situation.


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