Marelo Effect Profile

Lynda Fleming

Consultant – L&D

Speciality: Learning and Development

And the good news is…

The power of positivity: it’s the fundamental guiding principle of my life’s work. For over 30 years, I’ve had the honour of guiding the trajectory of positive experiences for the countless clients I’ve served and teams I’ve led.

Whatever my role, from sales agent to trainer, from L&D director to motivational speaker, the core of my methodology has stayed rock-solid: Me First! 

No matter what message, product or service you’re selling, I’ve always known that:

  • people are naturally drawn to positivity
  • what customers really buy… is you.

That knowledge guided my hand as I developed and implemented some of the most successful service and sales programmes in the travel industry. By learning to focus on positivity, and to control how they interact, anyone can learn to position themselves perfectly to get the best out of every situation, even the ones that start out negative.

Like I said, what I’m selling is me. I’m selling my experience in coaching, mentoring, developing leadership skills, creating train-the-trainer certification courses, developing skills-enhancement programmes for on-site and distance learning, and more. A lot more.

That’s why I’m with Marelo, where I’m privileged to work with experts who are equally dedicated to bringing unparalleled value to our clients… and that’s really good news!

My learning and development journey

Trainer, Worldwide Reservations Center → Manager, Worldwide Reservations Center → Regional/Licensee Training Manager → Director of eLearning and Development → Consultant – L&D 


My top 5 Strengths 

  • Responsibility 
    • Relationships built on trust; ownership and commitment to deliver on promises. 


  • Relator 
    • Solid, genuine, mutually rewarding relationships that foster trust; commitment to achieving goals together.


  • Individualisation
    • Ability to perceive each individual’s talents; tailored approach for each person. 


  • Achiever 
    • Willingness to go the extra mile; hard work, intensity and stamina.


  • Belief 
    • A service orientation; willingness to make sacrifices to achieve important things.


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