Marelo Effect Profile

Judy Lee

Director of Consulting Services – Analytics

The power of numbers


Data and information – they’re key business assets. As a contact centre manager, I used to maximise my teams’ performance by delving into the numbers and putting my findings to work. 

Today, I’m passionate about showing organisations how to drive sales and productivity by analysing information, delivering data-driven insights, and laying out a tangible course of action that targets a specific outcome. 

Simply put: translating charts and graphs into specific steps and actions to achieve potential.

But I’m just not here to ‘do it’ for them. A cornerstone of my work is building a data-driven culture, helping management learn how to get results faster and with greater confidence. Managing resources, setting budgets, reducing turnover, increasing revenue… my work over the last twenty years is all about implementing sustainable systems that take projects from discovery to institutionalised corporate standards.

As part of the Marelo team, I’m fortunate to work with other professionals, each a specialist in her own field. Together, we’re in the business of collaborating with our clients to transform cultures.

My analytics journey

Reservation Agent → Fleet Operations Senior Supervisor → Senior Account Manager → Director of Consulting Services → Senior Director of Consulting Services → Director of Consulting Services – Analytics


My top 5 Strengths 

  • Input 
    • Ability to employ tangible tools and data to facilitate growth / improve performance; vast collection of information.


  • Intellection 
    • Proficiency in providing insights that might otherwise be overlooked; ability to explain complex subjects in simple terms. 


  • Learner 
    • Commitment to creating/conveying a more complete picture; desire to enable continuous improvement.


  • Analytical 
    • Logical and objective approach; ability to consider all relevant factors.


  • Restorative
    • Solution-oriented mindset; aptitude for identifying and removing obstacles that others may not detect.


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