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We offer a wide range of programmes and workshops, each one created and delivered by subject-matter experts with decades of experience – and success – behind them. 

Find out how to: 

  • Develop high-performing teams
  • Make the best possible use of every employee’s skills
  • Realise the Marelo Effect: the mindset and actions that drive margin, retention and loyalty.

Online or in person, we can put our expertise to work for you in so many ways. For details, contact us. 

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at a small sample of what we offer:

e2grow High Performing Team

Great teams share specific behaviour patterns:

  • Individuals are the best versions of themselves, often
  • They recognise each other’s talents, and help them be at their best, often
  • They align with each other for the best possible outcome.

This internationally awarded programme instils the behaviours that lead to success. By replacing old habits with new ones, it enables lasting change.

Some tangible results of the e2grow approach*:

  • 40% better quality 
  • 20% increase in sales
  • 59% lower turnover

* Based on a sample of 50,000 teams (1.88 million employees)

e2grow High Performing Leader

According to Gallup research, 70% of the variance in employee engagement is due to each employee’s immediate manager. With so much depending on your team leaders, it’s time to equip them with the structure, the skill and the mindset to carry out empowering, strengths-based conversations. 

Turning bosses into leaders, this programme helps them learn to lead their teams to success by making optimal use of each member’s talents. 


  • The 5 conversations of performance management, and how to conduct them for the best outcome
  • The 4 needs of followers, and how to use your leaders’ talents to meet those needs.

Coach the Coach

One trainer can affect hundreds of employees. 

Whatever Learning and Development means in your organisation, your coaches will be more effective after a one-to-one with our specialists. 

The course includes:

  • Discussing, reviewing and practising coaching skills
  • Observing and critiquing your agent-coaching sessions
  • Providing constructive feedback on the materials used in those sessions.

The better your trainers, the better your workforce. As they say, teach someone to fish…






Controlling the Call

When a colleague picks up the phone, how confident are you? 

Increased margins, improved handling time, more first-call bookings… whatever your metrics, you’ll see clear improvements when you know how to control the call. When you:

  • Comprehend the process of guiding the customer
  • Understand the impact of your words and your mindset
  • Know that you can develop your talents, getting better all the time.

A firm favourite with our clients, this workshop explores the importance of the right approach, and helps your agents learn from our specialists – and from each other’s successes.

From Will to Skill

Experienced agents know there’s always room to develop, and this bespoke workshop reminds participants to stay focused on continuous improvement. 

Together, we’ll revisit the 4 ‘E’s: 

  • Engage. Build trust. Make the customer comfortable. Show you’re looking after them. 
  • Explore. Establish what they want. Build excitement. Discover any upsell opportunities.
  • Earn. Present the best solution. Demonstrate its value. Deliver a low-effort experience.
  • Ensure. Leave the customer with a positive final impression, so they’ll be back for more.

Fun and engaging, this workshop employs a wide range of methodologies: Q&As; tool reviews; ‘how it should sound’ recordings; opportunities to practise skills and techniques; and more.

Supporting the Marelo Effect

What is the Marelo effect?

Honing one’s mindset and deploying specific actions for sustainable success 

in increased margin, retention, and loyalty.

From Establishing Customer Loyalty to People Development, this workshop explores what it takes to succeed by nurturing your employees and exceeding your customers’ expectations,

At the end, you’ll agree your Commitment & Implementation Action Plan, laying down exactly:

  • What needs to be done differently 
  • What needs to be implemented first
  • How these changes will benefit you and your customers.




Recommended Reads

We have put together a list of published resources to equip and develop. These books and periodicals cover a number of skills enhancement and leadership categories. Click through to see the full list.


Resource Categories:

Soft/Technical Skills


Motivation and Achievement


Customer Service /Account-Client Management



Entrepreneurial Methodology