Gina Brennan

Director of Consulting Services – Performance Management

A talent for helping people grow and develop

It’s what I was born to do. My parents, an educator and a football coach, helped me explore and understand my own strengths before I’d even left home. 

My special skill is this: helping people identify their core strengths and learn to leverage them. When I recognised the extent of the workplace engagement challenge, I knew exactly where I could put my skill to work.

Globally, under 20% of employees are engaged – and according to Gallup’s estimate, this translates into $7 trillion of lost revenue opportunities. I’m here to help people become the best versions of themselves, turning their talents into strengths and finding ways to spend most of their time using those strengths. 

After all, nobody’s perfect… but nobody has to be. A strengths-based team is a group of imperfect but talented contributors who are valued for their strengths and who need one another to realise individual and team excellence. 

And of course, great teams need great leaders. That’s why I’ve spent my career pursuing a deep knowledge of best practices for leadership training as well as team building and career development.

At Marelo, we’re about transformation. We don’t just “drop in” and make people feel better for the day: we’re here to help you realise effective change, with continuous improvement.

My leadership development journey

VP of Training and Development | Principal Consultant → Owner Operator → Leadership Development Consultant → Director of Consulting Services – Performance Management 


My top 5 Strengths 

  • Developer 
    • Committed to helping others grow; eager to put in the time and energy it takes to help them develop.


  • Belief 
    • A service orientation; stability, clarity and conviction.


  • Significance 
    • Focus on excellence; determination to make a difference.


  • Empathy 
    • Emotional intelligence and empathy; an innate ability to see the world through the eyes of others.


  • Positivity
    • Resilience in the face of failure; the energy and enthusiasm to find the silver lining on any cloud, and help others see it.


Interested in learning more about your strengths?

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