Erica Robbins

Director of Consulting Services – Digital Marketing

Driving operational success

With over 15 years of travel industry experience, I’ve gained insight into so many aspects of customer-centric business, from operations to marketing and sales. 

Initially, I focused on incremental sales and sales training, helping employees realise their potential, surpassing their sales targets and developing confidence in their process.

After many years of maximizing individuals’ face-to-face incremental and counter sales, the obvious progression was expanding the company’s customer base, so we could drive more traffic to those well-trained sales professionals. 

That’s what drew me to digital marketing, and for the past 10 years I’ve focused on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Developing paid placement (a.k.a. pay per click) campaigns from the ground up, I learned to drive customers to a website and maximise ROI. 

Ad creation, keyword management, bidding strategies, overall optimisation… these are practical skills that can be taught and learned. And they deliver tangible results: in recent years, I’ve managed campaigns with annual budgets of 2-3 million dollars, in which I increased conversions by over 75% and increased company ROI by over 100%.

Marketing, sales, operations – I’ve got a lot of experience to share, which is exactly why I joined Marelo. Like my colleagues, I get a real kick out of sharing it with our clients, and enjoying the results.

My journey in marketing and operations 

Director – Sales and Operations → VP Marketing → Director of Consulting Services – Digital Marketing


My top 5 Strengths 

  • Achiever 
    • Clarification of goals and measures of success; willingness to go the extra mile to exceed targets. 


  • Relator 
    • Solid, genuine and mutually rewarding relationships that foster trust; social depth and transparency.


  • Learner 
    • Inquisitive mind, eager to find out more; a desire for continuous improvement.


  • Analytical 
    • A logical, objective approach; ability to discern the simplicity at the heart of complexity.


  • Ideation 
    • Creativity and originality; ability to bring new and fresh perspectives. 


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